April 13, 2021
Yoga to The People

Best Yoga to The People : Best Yoga Positions in 2021

Best Yoga to The People : Yoga in general is good for the mental as well as physical health of humans. It provides strength, flexibility and calmness. In short it improves the personality of a person.Yoga originated from Hinduism in ancient India and is a dual practice of body and mind.

Practicing yoga can bring us many benefits; a simple yoga series can relax our body and mind in a few minutes. Let’s learn yoga with videos along with beautiful music. In the first ten minutes, we will learn some basic yoga moves, and in the last few minutes, we will begin meditation in Sanskrit and relax our muscles.

If your time is really limited, then choose the same in yoga practice or meditation. Practicing yoga at least twice a week can keep us healthy and happy.

Best Yoga to The People : Best Yoga Positions in 2021

1: yoga bow

Yoga bow is a posture that can be done when lying down. This posture can open up the stagnation of the chest and throat, give the body more energy, and also benefit the digestive system. MUST read: Complete Children’s Health : Best Feeding and Medication 2021


Yoga to The People
(Yoga to The People)


01: Lie face-down on the yoga mat with your hands flat behind your shoulders and your forehead gently on the yoga mat.

02: Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
(Yoga to The People)
03: Lift your head and rest your chin on the yoga mat.
Take a breath, bend your knees, keep your feet as close as possible to the hips, and grasp the ankles with both hands.(Yoga to The People)
(Yoga to The People)
04: Relax your spine, take a breath, and slowly raise your hips.
Then continue to breathe slowly, slowly move the shoulder blades to the upper back, the shoulders, thighs and the entire torso are gradually raised, and the eyes look forward.MUST read: Complete Children’s Health : Best Feeding and Medication 2021
(Yoga to The People)
05: Hold the posture to complete 4 breaths, then lower your knees, release your hands, and rest your abdomen on the yoga mat.

Camel Pose Yoga

(Yoga to The People)
01: Put your hands on your hips and kneel on the yoga mat. MUST read: Calories Bays English Muffin

Put your instep on the yoga mat.

02: Relax your spine and bend backwards.

Put your hands on the heels.(Yoga to The People)

(Yoga to The People)
03: Extend your neck and bend your head and neck backwards.
04: Slide your hands from the heel to the center of your foot and keep your posture for 5 breaths.

Super Brain Yoga

Super Brain Yoga is a simple and beneficial exercise with no complicated torsion movements. This sport aims to improve mental health in areas such as attention. Also Read: How to Reduce Belly Fat on your Body

Although there is currently insufficient evidence to prove the effect of Super Brain Yoga, there are indeed some people who feel that this exercise is particularly beneficial for children and adolescents with ADHD, the elderly, autistic patients and attention-deficit patients.(Yoga to The People)

Super Brain Yoga is very simple, including touching ears and squatting. With a little time and effort, you can easily reap the benefits of super yoga.


01: Face different directions depending on age.

People who practice super yoga believe that the direction they face affects energy and attention. Most practitioners should face east, but the elderly should face north.

  1. If you are confused about the direction, you may wish to buy a compass. Some smartphones come with a compass. You can also download a compass application software.



(Yoga to The People)

02: Remove all jewelry.

Doing super brain yoga requires high concentration. Before starting, remove all jewelry from your body.

  1. Some people may be reluctant to take off the wedding ring or engagement ring. Although it is best not to wear jewelry, wearing a ring generally has little effect. If you don’t want to pick the ring, you can wear it.
(Yoga to The People)

03: Stand up straight.

The more the posture is in place, the better the effect of Super Brain Yoga. When you start doing regular exercises, you can find a quiet room and stand as straight as possible.

  1. The body should stand upright with the head and back slightly up, and the torso, chest, back and spine should be stretched and straightened. Open your shoulders and lay your feet flat on the ground.

04: Tongue against the upper jaw.

When you start practicing, position your tongue. During practice, the tongue should rest against the upper jaw behind the teeth, just as when preparing to make a pull sound. Throughout the process, the tongue is always in this position.

(Yoga to The People)

05: Touch the right earlobe with your left hand.

Left hand around the chest. Use your thumb and index finger to pinch the right earlobe, with the thumb in front.

(Yoga to The People)

06: Touch the left earlobe with your right hand.

Now turn your right hand around your chest. Use your thumb and index finger to pinch the left earlobe. The movement is similar to the left hand, with the thumb in front.

07: Inhale and exhale while bending your knees.

Bend your knees and squat down while inhaling with your nose. Then get up and exhale at the same time.

08: Repeat 15 to 21 times.

After doing a squat, repeat this action 15 to 21 times. As long as the body is not uncomfortable, it can be repeated as many times as possible. Remember to straighten your back and put your tongue against your upper jaw.

(Yoga to The People)

09: Practice a lot.

The more frequently Super Brain Yoga is done, the better the effect. After the first few exercises, you may not have seen any changes in your thinking and attention. But as long as you keep practicing every day, over time you will find that attention and overall cognitive ability have improved.

  1. Remember, the effect of Super Brain Yoga has not been proven. This sport may not improve everyone’s mental function.
(Yoga to The People)

10: Arrange a fixed practice area at home.

No matter what kind of yoga you want to practice regularly, you must arrange a fixed practice area. Find a quiet place at home without interference, such as a bedroom or a living room without a TV. Many people like to practice yoga in the morning, and finding a sunny place will be helpful.

(Yoga to The People)

11: Occasionally give yourself a vacation.

Yoga should be relaxing. If you feel that doing super brain yoga every day will make you feel stressed, you may wish to take a day off. Super Brain Yoga should make your mental state better. If you feel stressed, you may wish to suspend charging and charging.(Yoga to The People)

yoga cobra pose

In the yoga cobra style, the upper body muscles are used to bend the body backwards, which can make the arms and shoulders stronger. The cobra pose is part of the Japanese-style pose. You can use it to warm up when you start yoga.

(Yoga to The People)

01: Lie face down on the yoga mat with your palms flat and stretch behind your shoulders.

The instep is lying flat on the ground.

02: Contract your abdominal muscles, butt your hips slightly.

Contracting the abdominal muscles helps protect the lower back.

(Yoga to The People)

03: Palms turned to the front, palms pressed.

Keep your shoulders back, keeping your shoulders away from your ears.

(Yoga to The People)

04: Slowly push up the upper body, as long as the torso does not feel uncomfortable, try to straighten your arms.

Keep your legs and feet as close as possible to the ground. The chest is raised, and the chin is raised towards the ceiling.

05: Hold the posture to complete 5 complete inhalations and exhalations.

Crow Pose in yoga

The crow style in yoga, also known as the crane style or crane style, is usually the first arm balancing exercise that yoga students have to learn. Crow style can not only strengthen the muscles of the arms, waist and abdomen, but also stretch the upper back and groin to increase flexibility.(Yoga to The People)

It may be a little difficult to practice at first, and it may even fall into a mouth nibble more than once, but once you master this interesting pose, crow yoga will greatly enhance your self-confidence and self-awareness. The following teaches you how to make perfect crow-style yoga moves.

(Yoga to The People)

01: Prepare for activities.

The crow style is a movement with a relatively large amount of activity, so be sure to prepare for the activity before doing this movement to ensure that your body has been fully mobilized.

02: Find the right start for you.

Before turning to crow-style movements, there are a variety of poses to choose from:

  1. Start with a frog. The action of opening the hips is essentially the same as the crow style, except that the waist is upright. The body is bent down into a low squat position, the feet are separated outward, and the elbow is pressed against the inner thigh.
  2. Start with flexion. Stand on your legs with your feet 5-8 cm apart and bend your waist until the palms of your hands touch the ground. If you feel tired, your knees may bend slightly.
(Yoga to The People)

03: Keep your hands close to the ground, with your hands as wide or slightly wider than your shoulders.

  1. Stretch your fingers as far as you can. This will enhance your stability when doing this position. If you feel more comfortable, you can converge your fingertips slightly inward.
  2. If necessary, use a wrist strap to keep your arms straight.
(Yoga to The People)

04: Place the knee on the triceps.

Bend your elbows slightly, lift your toes, try to lean your knees against the triceps, and then raise your knees as far as possible. Imagine a scene where you are trying to put your knee in your armpit!

  1. Remember to “squeeze” these parts: squeeze the inside of the thigh so that it is close to the sides of the body, squeeze the calf to make it close to the upper arm, and tighten the abdominal muscles inward.
  2. In order to make the movement easier in the form of a crow, you can stand on a pad. This will raise your position and make it easier to place your knees in the upper arm position.(Yoga to The People)

05: Look ahead.

One of the main points of mastering the crow movement is to keep your eyes straight ahead. If you look down at your hands or look back at your feet, your body can easily lose balance and fall.

  1. Try to concentrate on the point about a meter in front of your hands. Keep your eyes steady and straight, so as not to stress your neck.
  2. If you are afraid of falling, put a pillow or blanket on the ground. In case you fall, you can fall on soft things.


(Yoga to The People)

06: First lift one foot from the ground, then lift the other.

The body’s center of gravity leans forward, and the knee slowly leans against the triceps, lifting the sole of the foot. Don’t try to complete the crow-like movements at once, but gradually tilt your center of gravity forward until your feet are off the ground.

  1. If you are very nervous, slowly lift one foot when you start to practice, then lower it, and then raise the other foot. When you feel a better physical strength and balance, try to lift both feet at the same time.
  2. After the two feet are off the ground, the feet are close together, with the heels as close as possible to the hips.
(Yoga to The People)

07: Straighten your arms and raise your back.

After you learn the crow style and can maintain this position for a few seconds, you can make some adjustments to make the movement more perfect.

  1. Stretch your arms as far as possible, but do not spread them to both sides.
  2. The back is arched, and the abdominal muscles stretch inwards and upwards.(Yoga to The People)
  3. Step by step, try to keep this movement for one minute. If your wrist starts to hurt, try to transfer more weight to your fingers.

1: From crow to three-headed headstand.

To complete the conversion of movements, you need to tighten your chin, make it close to your chest, and lean forward in a controlled range until the top of your head gently touches the yoga mat.

  1. Slowly lift your legs and straighten them up, with your toes towards the ceiling. The elbows tighten inward, close together, and the thighs close together.
  2. Follow the sequence of actions from back to front to return to the natural state.

2: From crow style to chaturanka style (crocodile style).

Make sure you lie on the yoga mat when the movement starts.

  1. Lift your back, hips, and heels up, and straighten your legs.
  2. Then inhale and lift up, and exhale down.(Yoga to The People)

3: Try the side crow style.

Side crow style is a more advanced movement variant. It requires a greater degree of body distortion and the ability to mobilize the whole body to complete. In order to complete this posture, you need to do:

  1. Start with a phantom chair, then lean forward and twist the body so that the triceps of the right arm rest on the outside of the left knee (and vice versa).
  2. Lower the hip height and face the ground. Keeping your knees facing forward, keep the palms of both hands parallel and place them on the ground on the left hand side.
  3. Bend your elbows to keep your elbows tight and stable, and do not spread them to both sides. Raise your toes and lean forward. One knee is stacked on the other knee and leans on the left triceps.
  4. When you feel ready, raise your toes to complete this side crow style. Remember to squeeze the thighs on both sides to make them fit tightly, and spread the weight evenly through the palms and fingertips.
  5. Set your eyes on half a meter in front or on one side.(Yoga to The People)

1: Lie down and relax.

Feel the breath of the earth, then inhale and exhale. Try to relax your body, get rid of distractions, and free your mind.(Yoga to The People)

2: Straighten and lift the right leg, keeping it still.

Then the left leg is straightened and lifted, also staying still.

3: Raise your legs and head.

Keep this movement as long as possible while breathing at a constant rate and relaxing your abdomen.

4: Enter the shoulder stand, lift your hips and legs upright in the air.

Support the back with both hands. Move your feet and relax for one minute in this position.

5: Lie down again, then twist your body several times.

Turn the pelvis to the right, turn your head to the left, and then switch directions. Try to be as wide as possible when twisting your body.

6: Lie face down, then lift your straight right leg and hang it in the air.

Keep this movement while breathing at a constant rate, and relax your abdomen. Raise the left leg again and keep it in the air.

7: Tilt your head back while keeping your feet as close to your head as possible.

Keep your legs in the air, put your hands on the ground on both sides of your body, and support your body. Keep your body arched, relax your abdomen while breathing, and move your feet at the same time.

8: Put your head on your hands and move your feet to relax.

9: Sitting cross-legged or sitting.

The back is straight and the abdomen is relaxed. In this minute, we come to meditate on an important Indian chant of Sanskrit Om Shanti. Singing repeatedly in my mind, all the distractions settled down. Then, one-handed salute silently read the blessing in my heart.

I want to give this light to (name). I hope all the world’s people are happy and happy.

10: Lie down and relax your muscles.

Tighten the muscles of the legs and feet, then relax. Then tighten the muscles of the arms and hands and relax. The same steps apply to the head, face, and body. Next, move your legs and relax completely for a few minutes. Experience tranquility and joy in your way.

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