April 13, 2021
How to grow fast

How to Grow Fast : Best Remedies 2021

How to grow fast : The first thing to admit is that there is no magic spell in the world that makes people instantly grow taller. Height is mainly determined by genes. Height 60% -80% depends on the DNA you inherited from your parents, and 20% -40% is related to environmental factors. Environmental factors include diet, health, exercise and sleep time. Before the growth plate is closed, the body can grow tall, and a reasonable diet, exercise and adequate sleep can help you grow higher during this time. For most people, the growth plate will be closed between the ages of 20-25, and then it can no longer grow taller.

How to Grow Fast : Best Remedies 2021

Method one : Eat a reasonable diet and add vitamins and minerals

How to grow fast
How to grow fast

01: Eat reasonably.

A balanced diet rich in nutrients can make you stronger and grow as tall as possible. In other words, you should stay away from foods such as cakes, drinks, and pizza, but choose salads, whole grains, and fish. If these foods do not interest you, you can also search for healthy recipes by yourself and choose the combination that appeals to you.

  1. To find out what constitutes a balanced diet, what proportion of protein, fruits, vegetables, cereals, and dairy products should be used?
How to grow fast

02: Incorporate lean protein into the diet.

To become taller and stronger requires bones, muscles, and articular cartilage to function, and protein is the basis for them. Therefore, intake of sufficient protein is very important to realize the height potential. The recommended daily protein intake depends on age, gender, and physical activity. Must Read : How to Increase Desire in a Woman : Best ways 2021

  1. Girls 9-18 years old recommend 150 grams of protein per day.
  2. Boys 9-13 years old recommend 150 grams of protein a day.
  3. Boys 14-18 years of age recommend 200 grams of protein a day.
  4. Foods rich in protein include: lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds.
How to grow fast

03: Add enough vitamin D.

Vitamin D promotes bone and muscle growth in teenagers. Recent studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency can cause adolescents to be short and gain weight.

  1. Foods rich in vitamin D include: fish, mushrooms and fortified grains.
How to grow fast

04: Supplement zinc.

Although the research is not deep enough, there has been scientific evidence that the lack of zinc is related to short stature. That is to say, if you want to grow taller, you should supplement zinc. Foods rich in zinc include:

  1. Seafood, especially shellfish.
  2. Lamb meat.
  3. spinach. Must Read : How to Increase Desire in a Woman : Best ways 2021
How to grow fast

05: Supplement calcium.

Similarly, relevant research is not complete, but calcium is an essential nutrient for promoting bone growth. Most of the calcium comes from dairy products. Adolescents 9-18 years of age recommend 3 glasses of high calcium milk daily. Must read : Home remedies to find out if your pregnant : Best Remedies 2021

  1. Dairy products with high fat content are not within the recommended range.
  2. Cream, cream cheese and butter contain less calcium.
  3. In addition to dairy products, other calcium-rich foods include: canned fish, green leafy vegetables, fortified calcium juice, cereals, and bread.
How to grow fast

06: Avoid certain foods.

Foods that are high in fat and salt are naturally avoided. In addition, research has shown that some seemingly healthy foods are actually not conducive to growth: soy products, tomatoes and broad beans.

  1. These three kinds of foods do not need to not be eaten at all, just reduce the intake, a healthy and balanced diet is the most important. Must read : Home remedies to find out if your pregnant : Best Remedies 2021
How to grow fast

07: Take vitamin supplements.

The most recommended are multivitamins, as well as vitamin D and zinc supplements. Cod liver oil is also an excellent source of vitamin D, which is beneficial to bone and joint growth.

  1. In addition to this, there are some supplements that are said to help grow taller, such as glucose, but they may be potentially harmful.
  2. If you need to take these supplements, please consult your doctor first.
How to grow fast

08: Be wary of all kinds of heightening products with a magical name.

Some products claim to let you grow taller magically. But you need to know that once the growth board is closed, the height stops growing. Be wary of products that claim to contain human growth hormone, because human growth hormone cannot be absorbed orally and must be prescribed by a doctor. Must read : Home remedies to find out if your pregnant : Best Remedies 2021

Method Two : Ensure adequate exercise and sleep

How to grow fast

01: Enough rest.

People can grow tall only when they are asleep. Because the body produces human growth hormone during deep sleep. This hormone promotes muscle growth, which in turn makes a person taller. Therefore, if you really want to grow tall, you have to sleep.

  1. Children should sleep 10-11 hours a day. How to grow fast. Must read : Home remedies to find out if your pregnant : Best Remedies 2021
  2. Adolescents under 18 years of age should guarantee 9-10 hours of sleep every day.
How to grow fast

02: work out.

In any case, take time to exercise. Exercise plays a key role in people’s health and happy growth. It is especially important in adolescence, and you must develop a good habit of exercising. Exercise is good, the form is not fixed, stretching and jumping exercises can extend the spine.

  1. Connect and jump by playing basketball and long jump.
  2. Stretch your back and limbs by swimming. Must read : How to Remove Tonsil Stones : Best Remedies 2021
  3. There is no fixed requirement for the length of exercise. The longer the reasonable range, the better.
  4. The recommended daily amount of exercise for children and teenagers is one hour. If you want to grow taller, please extend it appropriately. How to grow fast.
How to grow fast

03: Stretch.

Stretching helps to stretch the spine and improve body shape. Stretching after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night helps to grow taller. Try the following stretching methods:

  1. Touch your toes. Stand up straight, raise your hands high, and then touch your toes down.
  2. Cobra style. Lie on the ground with your arms on both sides to support your body, keep your chest straight, and raise your head back. Must read : How to Remove Tonsil Stones : Best Remedies 2021
  3. Bridge. Lie flat on your back with your hands on both sides to prop up your body and make it arch-shaped.
How to grow fast

04: Wait patiently for nature to grow taller.

If you have tried the above methods, you have maximized the possibility of growing taller. Not everyone may look as tall as a model or a basketball player. Height is not the most important thing. Learn to accept your true self.

  1. Some people develop slowly and wait until they are 17 or 18 years old before they reach a period of rapid height growth. Must read : How to Identify Breast Lumps : Best Remedies 2021
  2. If you are worried about your height, please consult an endocrinologist. The doctor will give you reliable advice and give you a feasible medical plan. How to grow fast.

Method Three : Significantly higher

How to grow fast

01: Adjust your posture.

If you have tried all the ways to grow taller, there are ways to make you taller. You may not realize the harm caused by inappropriate body shape. Drooping your shoulders, leaning your head and neck forward, and unbalanced body weight distribution in your footsteps will make you look short.

  1. Put a book on your head and contact to walk straight with your back.
  2. Straighten your legs when standing with your feet separated by less than your shoulder width. The chin lifted slightly. This posture is significantly higher, and also appears confident.
  3. Sit upright and get into the habit of keeping your chest firm and abdomen. How to grow fast.
How to grow fast

02: Choose medium to long hair or short hair.

You might think long hair is tall. In fact, long hair will weaken the neck lines and make you appear short. Switch to medium to long hair or short hair, these two hairstyles can strengthen the neck line.

  1. If you have a slender neck, it will suit this hairstyle. How to grow fast. Must read: Exercises to Reduce Breast Size : Best Remedies 2021
How to grow fast

03: Slim.

Wearing slim clothes, such as jeans with small feet, can highlight the lines. Wearing bulky clothes makes people look short and fat. Slim trousers can appear slender legs, so it looks taller.

  1. Slim skirts can also stretch the legs. Must read: Exercises to Reduce Breast Size : Best Remedies 2021
How to grow fast

04: Choose thin colors and vertical stripes.

Black, navy blue, and dark green are all thin and tall colors, which are unisex. The slim suit doubles the slimming effect. Vertical stripes have the same effect.

  1. Ladies can try vertical striped pants and collared shirts.
  2. Men can choose pinstripe shirts, not check patterns.
  3. Avoid horizontal stripes, which will make you look chunky.
How to grow fast

05: Wear high heels or platform shoes.

This method can quickly rise, but not everyone is suitable for wearing. You can slowly increase the height of the heel. Must Read : How to Remove Moles Apple Cider Vinegar : Best Remedies 2021

  1. Walking in high heels requires practice skills. Take time to practice at home before getting out.
  2. Wearing high heels can hurt your feet. Remember to padded insoles, or increase height inside. When buying new shoes, make sure you do n’t wear your feet before you go out. When you wear high heels, people will become confident and transfer their first impression of you from height to facial expression.
  3. If you don’t want to wear stiletto heels, you can choose thick-soled shoes.
  4. Men can buy inner heightened insoles.

Some other points :

  1. Straighten your back to ensure adequate sleep. It will grow tall when you sleep, please be patient.
  2. Straighten your back while sitting. How to grow fast. Must Read : How to Remove Moles Apple Cider Vinegar : Best Remedies 2021
  3. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy and delicious food, and maintain exercise, such as playing basketball or cycling. How to grow fast.
  4. Maintain a balanced diet. How to grow fast.
  5. Don’t feel that growing tall is too stressful.
  6. High-heeled shoes can hurt your ankles and heels.
  7. Eat more foods rich in calcium, potassium, and lean protein to promote bone and muscle growth and help cell repair and renewal. How to grow fast. Read this: How to Reduce Fat on your Body

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