April 13, 2021
How to Have Sex

How to Have Sex : Best Way to extend sex time 2021

How to Have Sex And Extend sex time: Whether you will encounter men ’s common problem frequently — premature ejaculation, or just want to find a way to extend the time for sex, there are some things you can try during the sex process and usually, they can help you avoid sex It’s too early to get excited. This article will introduce some related methods for you.

How to Have Sex : Best Way to extend sex time 2021

How to Have Sex
How to Have Sex

01: Relax and maintain a good attitude.

Don’t think that you have deficiencies in sexual ability. You should be full of self-confidence, self-esteem, and face sex with a positive attitude. Don’t be timid and doubt yourself. This will help you and your partner positively. MUST read:Best Yoga to The People : Best Yoga Positions in 2021

(How to Have Sex)

02: Strengthen practice.

Masturbation is a healthy and natural behavior. Regular masturbation can build your staying power, prevent premature ejaculation, and even relieve stress and anxiety. In addition, it will also make you more aware of yourself and easier to know when you will have an orgasm. In this way, you can slow down or change your position in time when you are having sex.

(How to Have Sex)

03: Find a regular sex partner if possible.

When a man has sex with a new partner for the first time, he is usually difficult to control, especially when facing a long-awaited lady. Please realize that sometimes this is not the problem of you, on the contrary, she is too attractive and makes you too excited. In fact, this is not a big problem. MUST read:Best Yoga to The People : Best Yoga Positions in 2021

  1. Maintaining a single relationship is a good way to improve your performance in bed. The longer you spend with someone, the more natural and confident you will be when making love.
(How to Have Sex)

04: Wear a condom.

Many men complain that condoms have an impact on the fun and sensitivity of sex, but if you want to extend the time for sex, this is exactly what you need. Of course, this can also prevent the unintended pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. 

(How to Have Sex)

05: Quit smoking, alcohol and other medicines.

Excessive intake of these substances will affect your control of ejaculation.

(How to Have Sex)

06: Use spray.

Some long-lasting desensitizing sprays in the past have not been widely used because of side effects, such as excessive numbness and transmission to partners. There is now a new type of spray with a small amount of anesthesia that makes both sides feel more and control better. Such products are currently available in the United States and China. MUST read:Best Yoga to The People : Best Yoga Positions in 2021

(How to Have Sex)

07: Don’t ignore the foreplay.

Studies have shown that partners who fully engage in foreplay have longer sex than those who do not. Don’t go straight to the subject, spend some time hugging, kissing, touching each other, etc. The longer the foreplay time, the longer the sex time.MUST read: Complete Children’s Health : Best Feeding and Medication 2021

  1. If you feel too excited during the foreplay, you can stop your partner’s movements and focus her attention.
(How to Have Sex)

08: Change positions frequently.

This can divert your attention. In addition, trying different sexual positions can increase the interest and satisfy both parties

  1. At the same time, you can also temporarily pause and focus on her.
How to Have Sex
(How to Have Sex)

09: Let her dominate.

When making love, the leader will usually be more happy and excited; letting her dominate will reduce your sensitivity.

10: Distracted.

If you are too excited during sex, try to distract yourself from something completely unrelated, such as your work and study. Temporarily distracting yourself can help you relax and slow down.

  1. Whatever you think about, make sure not to think about anything that will make you feel sexually excited.
(How to Have Sex)

11: Breathe deeply and slowly.

Slow abdominal deep breathing while having sex can allow many men to extend their sex time. Inhale the gas deeply into the Dantian, hold your breath for two or three seconds, imagine the gas slowly spreading in your body, and then exhale the gas. Taking a deep breath will allow you to concentrate and make you more relaxed.

12: Everyone wants to be a better lover.

For many people, especially men, the failure to provide a lasting sexual experience for the other half is a source of worry or even stress. However, using the right bed skills and lifestyle changes to avoid men ’s premature ejaculation and lack of staying power is easy. This article helps you promote bed games and ensure that both parties are satisfied.

(How to Have Sex)

13: Take it easy.

Sex is not necessarily speed and passion. Keep the action slow and steady, and slowly increase the stimulus. Don’t be too compulsive, by procrastinating and changing the angle to tease and flick your other half, and then do a quick deep insertion. When both sides are ready, you can speed up and come to an explosive end.

  1. This variation is called 7 and 9 Techniques: keep yourself (and the other party) excited, but don’t reach the edge of the climax, do this by switching between 7 fast shocks and 9 slow shocks 
(How to Have Sex)

14: make change.

One of the best ways to maintain energy, suppress cramps and avoid premature ejaculation is to frequently change posture, speed and movement.

When you feel that you are approaching an orgasm, change your posture or stop giving the person some movement or oral pleasure. In addition to helping you last longer, it also gives you a more interesting and changeable sexual experience.

(How to Have Sex)

15: rest.

If you feel close to orgasm or exhausted, you may wish to stop for a few minutes. You can use this time to enjoy caressing, naughty talk, or turning to motion and oral stimulation to your partner. When you calm down, start a round of sexual intercourse again.

(How to Have Sex)

16: Focus on the foreplay.

Plug-in sex is not all about sex and the end. You can give the other half a long experience by spending time enjoying the great eve. Kissing, touching, talking on the pillow and using toys or restrictions can make you have a wonderful and memorable sex.

Give your partner a lot of mouth and movement stimulation, let her walk in front of you-even let her reach one or more orgasms before intervening. If you use a few or all sex tricks, a few minutes of sexual intercourse may be needed or desired by both parties. Also Read: How to Reduce Belly Fat on your Body

17: Use thick condoms.

Although some people argue that there is no difference between different condoms, many men and women swear that using thick condoms can reduce sensitivity and delay their orgasm. The use of lubricants along with condoms also seems to help men last longer.

18: Try to reduce the sensitivity of the lotion.

Many adult stores and sexual health retail stores sell lotions that can be used on the penis to numb the senses during sex, thereby allowing men to postpone orgasm. Of course, stopping to apply chemical lotion while in bed is not sexy at all, so this method may be best used for free and stable sexual relations.

  1. Look for a lotion that can be used on the skin to avoid numb your partner.
(How to Have Sex)

19: Eat healthy.

Lack of sexual endurance, whether it is a man or a woman, may be a sign of major problems in health and diet. To have a great sex life, eat healthy food and maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Try not to eat foods high in fat and cholesterol, as these will block your arteries and reduce blood flow. Good blood flow is the key to the best sexual experience.
(How to Have Sex)

20: exercise.

Good sex can be difficult, too tiring! Sex time will improve with body fitness Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise for at least five days a week. This will keep you healthy, increase blood flow, and give you energy for good sex. Plus, exercise can improve your figure and make you a more confident lover.

(How to Have Sex)

21: Keep Your Mind Stress Free.

Stress can make it difficult to maintain concentration, erection, and pleasure during sex-and it will shrink the blood flow necessary for healthy sex. In order to improve endurance and increase enjoyment, both men and women should reduce stress in life or at least learn to throw it away from the bedroom.

(How to Have Sex)

22: Exercise.

As with all activities, practice makes perfect. Use the above techniques to have more sexual intercourse with your partner, and soon your staying power and ability to control orgasm will increase, and it will become more natural. MUST read: Complete Children’s Health : Best Feeding and Medication 2021

  1. Masturbation is also a good way to train yourself to control orgasm. Practice close to the climax, but stop before the climax. Repeat a few times before you end. This will help you understand and notice when you are close to orgasm, and control yourself when you are orgasm.
  2. You do n’t have to do this every time you masturbate, but occasionally challenge yourself to see how long you can last, which is also fun and helpful.
  3. However, often masturbating in the same way will make your body only respond to a certain stimulus-when you want  to climax during sexual intercourse, it is very troublesome.
  4. Be sure to change your habits: change hands, use lubricants, try sex toys, and explore different spiritual and visual stimuli.
(How to Have Sex)

23: Do not worry.

One of the most common causes of premature ejaculation in men is caused by feeling nervous and anxious about their performance. The best way is to relax and focus on enjoyment and intimacy with your partner. Remember, sex is both intimate and joyful. Good sex comes more from chemical reactions than staying power or technology. If you find yourself under stress, or crazy take a deep breath, take a few seconds to reconnect with your partner.

24: Think about something else.

A typical method used by men, and some women, to control orgasm time is to focus on worldly themes during sex. Leave the joy you received behind your head and try to do some math problems in your head until you are finally ready to climax.

  1. Avoid thinking about topics or ideas that make you stressed or lose interest. These will make you have no interest in the sex process, rather than let you prolong sexual intercourse.
  2. You can also try something more abstract, like fantasy geometric shapes or recalling the lyrics of your favorite song.
  3. Don’t extend your staying power at the expense of your partner. If you are thinking about it all the time, long sex can be boring to both of you. Use this technique conservatively and focus more on sex participation and communication with your partner.

How to provoke girlfriend’s sexual desire

You are happy because you have a great girlfriend, but you have some worries about one thing: how can I provoke her sexual desire? Since she became your girlfriend, it means she likes you very much.

But does she have sex with you? Fang Gang, how can you be enthusiasm? In fact, as long as you both attract each other, you only need a few simple tricks to provoke her sexual desire. For details on how to do this, please see below.

(How to Have Sex)

01: Show your sexy side.

To provoke his sexual desire, you have to be sexy. If you want to be sexy, you have to swagger, you have to feel good about yourself, and have confidence in your heart and appearance. It makes her feel proud of being with a man like you.

  1. Learn not to laugh halfway. This connotative laugh is very sexy.
  2. When talking to your girlfriend, lean forward. If you are very close to her, she will want to kiss you and want to get closer to you.
  3. Talk about hygiene and clean yourself up. Always pay attention to keeping it fresh and tidy at all times. The clean boys are very sexy.
(How to Have Sex)

02: Praise her.

Tell her how beautiful she is. Praise her new hairstyle, new clothes. Bravely tell her that you think she is very sexy, she wears that skirt with sexy legs, or you like her eye shadow.

  1. Praise her and make her feel special and sexy in your eyes. Make her feel that your attention is on her.
  2. Don’t overdo it. If you praise too much, it will sound a little pretentious.
(How to Have Sex)

03: Take her out for a date.

Before taking her to your bedroom, take her out for a romantic, intimate date. So it ’s best not to go to places like the zoo that have nothing to do with sex. Take her to a romantic candlelight dinner. Find a more private location.

  1. After dinner, go for a walk. Holding her hand tightly. Gently touch your hand with yours to make her feel a wonderful warmth.
  2. Let her taste the sweetness. During dating, you can gently caress her knees, her shoulders, and occasionally give her a warm kiss to make her want more. Don’t touch it too often, but try to indulge her and stir her interest.
(How to Have Sex)

04: Find a private environment.

If you want to provoke her sexual desire, you must create an intimate and sexy environment. If your date goes well, you should invite her to where you live. But before you invite her, you must first make sure that the lights in your home are very elegant. prepare in advance. The messy smelly room will soon wipe out her desire.

  1. Play sexy background music. Play some R & B, jazz music. Turn down the volume. Let the music sound naturally and blend in with the romantic atmosphere.
  2. The lights are dimmed. Make sure your lights are dull and soft. You can buy some candles if it is safe. Women will appear nervous and restrained under strong light, and will feel comfortable under dim light.
  3. Fresh smell. Make sure your room is clean and tidy. Open the windows before the appointment and ventilate to avoid a musty smell in the room. You can light a scented or scented candle.
  4. Keep it clean. Make sure there are no dirty clothes, fast food boxes, etc. in the room. These things will make girls very disgusted.
(How to Have Sex)

05: Reserve some sexy items.

When your girl comes to your place, you have to be prepared to surprise her and continue to provoke her interest. You should stock up several key items to extend your happy time and make your girlfriend want to be with you all night. Here are some items you can refer to:

  1. Wine or other drinks you like. If you are old enough to drink, it is best to prepare some red wine or other beverages she likes.
  2. If you come home from a dinner date, you’d better continue the romantic atmosphere. Preparing beautifully shiny goblets will make red wine more attractive.
  3. Snacks. This does not mean that you have to stock up on various snacks to make her happy. Just prepare some chocolate bars, cheese, cookies, and some sexy fruits, such as strawberries or raspberries.
  4. The bed is covered with clean sheets. Your bed must be covered with clean sheets, which may increase the possibility. But if your bed is messy and unorganized, your girlfriend won’t be close to your bed at all.
(How to Have Sex)

06: Make your girlfriend feel comfortable.

When your girlfriend comes to your room, you should make her feel unrestrained and comfortable. To achieve this goal, you have to be a real gentleman:

  1. Actively hang her coat in the closet.
  2. Prepare her slippers.
  3. Ask her if she wants to drink some red wine. Don’t force her to drink. But if she wants, then pour her a cup.
  4. Tell her that you had a very pleasant evening with her. You can praise the dinner by the way. The starry sky when you walk is beautiful.
  5. Let her find a comfortable place to sit. You can sit down side by side on the sofa. If she has been standing, it means that she wants to keep a distance from you, or feel very restrained.

07: Start by gently caressing.

When you snuggle comfortably on your sofa or bedside and feel the time is right, you can begin to caress her tenderly and make her think you want her. If you sit together, you want to move around her, let your legs touch. You hugged her with an arm ring and touched her knee with the other hand.

  1. Playing with her hair.
  2. If she wears a necklace or earrings, you can play with her jewelry. Tell her that you really like the jewelry she wears
(How to Have Sex)

08: Kiss her.

If she doesn’t resist your caress, you can find an opportunity to start kissing her. When she is facing you, you look at her eyes, gently touch her lips, and then lean down to start a series of kisses. If you have excited her, she will linger on your kisses.

  1. Don’t use your tongue at first. If your relationship has not reached a certain level, the French tongue kiss at the beginning will look too awkward.
  2. Gently rubbed her lips, then slowly touched the tip of her tongue with the tip of her tongue. If she likes it, then she can start to kiss her tongue.(How to Have Sex)
  3. Sometimes stopped. Don’t kiss continuously, stop after a minute, and look at her eyes with emotion, making her want more.
  4. You can touch her hair with your hand and caress her body while kissing her.
  5. If you move away from her lips and seem to kiss her neck, earlobe, or even shoulders, she will stop.
(How to Have Sex)

09: Touch her further.

When you kiss to a certain extent, you can caress her boldly. Move your hands up and down her carcass, stroke her waist, her shoulders, and then move to the inside of her thighs and chest. But make sure she is willing to be touched by you like this.(How to Have Sex)

  1. Every girl is different. When you know more about your girlfriend and the two are more comfortable and natural together, you will know how to tease her. Perhaps it was Qin Wei’s neck, or gently touching her waist, or some other way.
(How to Have Sex)

10: Take off some clothes.

Kiss to a certain extent, began to take off her clothes. How to take off her clothes:

  1. Should you take off your clothes first or her clothes? It depends on her. You can decide according to your situation.
  2. Take off her top. First touch her breasts through the clothes. If she does not resist, then take off her top.
  3. Take off your own coat. Don’t take it off, she will be scared.
  4. Take off her pants or skirt. Be gentle, be sure to gently touch her panties.(How to Have Sex)
  5. Once you take off her pants or skirt, let her help you take off your pants. If she wishes.
  6. Now that you two are in underwear, you can move on to the next step: making love! But make sure she is ready.

11: Before planning to have sex with her, communicate clearly.

Although you look at your girlfriend wearing only underwear, her lower body swells, and you want to press her down on the bed immediately, but you must exercise restraint! You want to make sure that she is indeed willing to have sex with you.

You have to ask her clearly: Are you willing? Or Are you ready?  Ask her in a non-aggressive, soft, and expressive tone, looking at her eyes and waiting patiently Her reply.

(How to Have Sex)

12: If she is willing, then you have to tease her further.

Men ’s sexual desire rises faster, but women are slow-heated.(How to Have Sex)

  1. Kiss all over her body. Kiss her neck, her shoulders, her chest, her stomach, and the inside of her thighs.
  2. Tell her how sexy she is! When you are intimate, praise her body. Or like her caress.
  3. Gently touch her private parts. Take off her underwear and gently touch her intimacy with one or two fingers (hands should be clean).
  4. Waiting for her ready signal. If you are not willing to wait, your girlfriend will because you are not the one who deserves her.

13: In the process of sex, make her want to stop.

Try to change positions, but not too often, make sure she feels comfortable.

  1. Male superiority, and then into female superiority, if she wishes.
  2. Find sexy frequencies. If her reaction is softer, then the speed slows down. If her performance is stronger, then the speed is accelerated.
  3. Kiss her neck and ears from time to time.
  4. Don’t forget to caress and kiss her breasts.
  5. Don’t focus too much on your orgasm. Let her climax first, or at least try to climax her. If you only care about yourself, she will lose interest in you.(How to Have Sex)

14: Good starts and ends.

When you have sex with your girlfriend, or after being intimate, you should end in a very passionate way, so that she can want more. After having sex or intimacy, spend some time holding her in your arms, lying on the bed, caressing her body. Let her feel your tenderness and love. Tell her that you enjoy your time with her.

  1. Stay sexy! There is always the possibility of intimacy and enthusiasm, so the next time you meet your girlfriend again, you have to show your best and gently touch her to let her know that she is very sexy. If you persevere, she will soon be teased again.(How to Have Sex)

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