April 13, 2021
How to Identify Breast Lumps

How to Identify Breast Lumps : Best Remedies 2021

How to Identify Breast Lumps : If you find that you have a lump (also called nodules, lumps, etc.) in your breasts, do n’t panic! It ’s normal to feel worried, but you need to know that 80% of breast lumps have been proven to be benign by biopsy, which means that it is not cancer. However, you should also go to the hospital to see a doctor and check it. For malignant tumors, timely detection and treatment is necessary. It is important that we should learn how to identify the nature of the lump in order to facilitate decisive decision-making.

How to Identify Breast Lumps : Best Remedies 2021

Method One : Good Habits

How to Identify Breast Lumps

01: Chest self-examination is routine every month.

Most of the lumps were discovered by chance by women. No matter what age you are, maintaining health is the most important thing. The self-test can be standing or lying on the back.

  1. First lift the right hand over the top of the head, use your left hand to push the breast on the right side firmly, the left hand finger around the nipple for a circular examination, then the tissue around the nipple and the armpit.
  2. Then use your right hand to examine the breast on the left, as above. .
    1. In addition to standing and lying down, you can also take a check while taking a shower. In fact, when your fingers are wet and slippery with soapy liquid, your fingers move more flexibly and are more conducive to inspection. Must read: Exercises to Reduce Breast Size : Best Remedies 2021
How to Identify Breast Lumps

02: Once a new lump is found or its size changes.

If you find a new lump (mostly pea-sized) or hard breast tissue, talk to your doctor. Don’t worry once you find out, because eight out of ten are benign. These are usually cysts, fibroids, or just normal breast lumps.

  1. It is also possible to develop breast lumps in the short term-but such lumps will disappear after menstruation. In order to avoid unnecessary tension, it is best to do a breast self-examination one week before the onset of menstruation.
  2. At this time, the lump has not grown up. If you are already menopausal or have irregular periods, you can do this on the same day of each month.
How to Identify Breast Lumps

03: Pay close attention to the sudden growth or shape change of the mass.

Because many women have irregular breasts, irregular breasts are not a health issue. If you find the same lump on the same position on both sides of the chest, this must not be a health problem. Considering the problem of chest lumps takes more trouble than other parts of the chest.

  1. It is normal for young people to feel a small cyst-like mass throughout their chest. Again, this is normal, and don’t make a fuss. Must Read : How to Remove Moles Apple Cider Vinegar : Best Remedies 2021
  2. What you should pay attention to are those tissues that are significantly different from other parts of the chest, and those that have changed.
How to Identify Breast Lumps

04: Stand in front of the mirror and check the symptoms.

The following symptoms are likely to occur during chest examination.

  1. Check the nipple for blood or pus changes.
  2. Check for red or pink rashes on and around the nipple.
  3. Pay attention to any changes to the nipples, especially if there are any nipple depressions.
  4. Observe the breast skin and notify the doctor if you notice thickening, scaly changes, dryness, depression, redness or powder. Must Read: How to Get Rid of Armpit Hair : Best Remedies 2021

Method Two : Found Anomalies

How to Identify Breast Lumps

01: Seek medical attention as soon as an abnormality is found. If you have concerns about other chest lumps, you should also contact it in time.

In any case, the mood is the best.

  1. If you are between 20 and 50 years old, keep calm. 90% (or more) of suspected breast lumps are not cancer (they are benign).
  2. If the doctor cannot judge the nature of the mass, he will give you a series of examinations to confirm the diagnosis. Must Read : How to Make Hair Thicker : Best Remedies 2021
How to Identify Breast Lumps

02: Make an appointment for breast screening.

This test should follow the doctor’s recommendation or once a year. This is a low-emissions check for chest abnormalities. Must Read : Home Remedies For Black Hair Growth : Best Remedies 2021

  1. Before going for a chest screening, be prepared and bring a doctor’s prescription. Maybe the inspection center needs a doctor’s prescription, but they want to know the information of your doctor in charge.
  2. Your doctor may collect a small amount of breast tissue for laboratory analysis. He will tell you that you need to do this test-for accuracy, they will use a thin needle to take the tissue.
How to Identify Breast Lumps

03: The doctor prescribes a prescription and then arranges an ultrasound breast imaging examination.

Through high-frequency ultrasound, you can see the image of the breast and the blood flow of the mass.

  1. Make sure to bring your doctor’s prescription before going for ultrasound. This is a confusing process, and it will come to many places that you do not understand.
  2. The operator will tell you a lot of knowledge instantly, and you will feel much better after mastering your situation. Must Read : How to Get Rid of Dark Circles : Best Remedies 2021
How to Identify Breast Lumps

04: Make another appointment to come back to discuss the examination results.

If the result is uncertain, such as clinical chest examination and imaging show suspicious, but the pathology shows benign. You will be recommended to go to surgery or consult another expert.

  1. If the test results do not identify the tumor, the doctor will recommend a biopsy, or tissue examination is the only way to clearly identify whether the mass is cancer.

Some Other Points:

  1. Many benign chest diseases can produce lumps. But these diseases do not cause cancer.How to Identify Breast Lumps
  2. Be aware that many factors can cause changes in the chest tissue. Including age, menstrual cycle, sex hormones and drug effects. Read this: How to Reduce Fat on your Body
  3. Breast cancer is rare in young women, so when young women show lumps or other changes, doctors usually take the attitude of waiting for observation.How to Identify Breast Lumps.

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