April 13, 2021
How to induce Vomiting

How to induce Vomiting : Best Remedies 2021

How to induce Vomiting : If someone swallows a toxic substance, sometimes vomiting can be used to clear at least a portion of the substance out of the body. If you or someone has swallowed poison, it is recommended to call the National Poison Control Center immediately before inducing vomiting. If you don’t know what substance was swallowed, avoid vomiting until you contact the poison control center. If the person has no breathing, drowsiness, anxiety or cramps, please call 911 or the emergency number in your area. It should be noted that recent studies have shown that vomiting is not enough to clear out the stomach poison, and the vomiting agent may not be conducive to emergency rescue of poisoning control.

How to induce Vomiting

Method One : Use pharyngeal reflex to induce vomiting

How to induce Vomiting
How to induce Vomiting

01: Open the victim’s mouth.

Make sure that your head is facing down to prevent choking into the trachea.

  1. You can also use the pharyngeal reflex to induce vomiting in the same way. However, if you induce vomiting on your own, you will need some willpower to stimulate the pharynx enough to vomit.
How to induce Vomiting

02: Put the index finger and middle finger into the victim’s mouth.

Place your finger on the victim’s tongue, and move your fingertip along the tongue toward the back of the throat. Must read : How to Grow Fast : Best Remedies 2021

03: When you touch the back of the victim’s throat, press down with your fingertips.

If this does not induce vomiting, you can use your fingertips to tickle the back of the victim’s throat.

How to induce Vomiting

04: Be prepared for vomiting.

If the victim begins to cramp and vomit, try to make way and guide them to the toilet, container or other convenient place. However, if they swallow poison, you need to act quickly, and don’t delay vomiting to avoid staining the carpet. Must read : How to Grow Fast : Best Remedies 2021

How to induce Vomiting

05: Hand washing.

If the victim vomits on your skin, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.

Method Two : Unproven home remedies: prepare mustard solution

How to induce Vomiting

01: Mix mustard with warm water.

Sprinkling a tablespoon of mustard into a glass of warm water will make an emetic, or a substance that can induce vomiting. Must Read : How to Increase Desire in a Woman : Best ways 2021

  1. There is little scientific evidence to prove that this solution is effective and safe. It is considered an unproven home remedy and should be treated as such.
How to induce Vomiting

02: Drink the mustard solution quickly.

If warm mustard water does not sound appetizing, it is because it should have caused you to vomit. If the solution is really difficult to get in, you can try to hold your nose or hold your breath while drinking. Must Read : How to Increase Desire in a Woman : Best ways 2021

How to induce Vomiting

03: Wait 20 to 30 minutes for the solution to vomit.

If time has passed and you have not vomited, this solution may not work.

Method Three : Unproven home remedies: preparing saline

How to induce Vomiting

01: Mix salt and warm water.

Putting 3 teaspoons of salt in about 473 ml of warm water will produce a good emetic. Must read : Home remedies to find out if your pregnant : Best Remedies 2021

  1. Be careful when drinking saline as an emetic. Excessive drinking can be fatal.
How to induce Vomiting

02: Drink salt water quickly.

How to induce Vomiting

03: Wait 20 to 30 minutes for the saline to vomit.

If you cannot vomit naturally, consider trying other methods. Must read : Home remedies to find out if your pregnant : Best Remedies 2021

Method four : Watch someone vomit

How to induce Vomiting

01: Ask someone to vomit.

You can induce vomiting when you see someone vomiting. Scientists call this phenomenon induction vomiting. Induced vomiting can occur even if the indirect vomiting party does not have the same disease as the direct vomiting party. Must read : How to Remove Tonsil Stones : Best Remedies 2021

  1. The safest and most effective method is to stimulate the pharyngeal reflex according to the method detailed above.
How to induce Vomiting

02: Wait for the person to vomit.

When the person vomits, observe and try to inhale the smell of vomiting. If this action causes a wave of nausea, don’t fight it, otherwise use nausea to make yourself vomit.

  1. This method can only be used after other safe emetic methods have failed and contacted with relevant professionals. Must read : How to Identify Breast Lumps : Best Remedies 2021

Some other points:

  1. If you know what poison the victim swallowed, please keep the bottle and give it to the emergency personnel. Any information you give to the emergency personnel will ensure that the victim gets the best treatment.
  2. Continue to monitor the victim ’s condition after vomiting because vomiting may not completely remove the poison. Even if you successfully make the person vomit, he still needs medical care.

warning :

  1. Induced vomiting can be harmful, especially under certain health conditions. Do not induce vomiting if faced with:
    1. The victim swallowed cleaning supplies, acidic or alkaline substances. If you let the victim vomit, the chemical can severely burn the throat and mouth.
    2. The victim swallowed products containing petroleum. If the person vomits, it may inhale the smoke and cause pneumonia.
    3. The victim was unconscious or seemed dizzy.
    4. The victim was a child, too young to follow instructions.
    5. You have doubts. If you don’t know what to do, please contact the poison control center or emergency phone for help.
  2. If you often induce vomiting for weight loss or vomiting food after binge eating, you may have binge eating disorder. Long-term vomiting can cause dehydration, damage tooth enamel or permanently damage the esophagus.
  3. If you think you have an eating disorder like bulimia, you need to consult a counselor or doctor immediately.
  4. Ipecac syrup has been used for decades in the control of poisoning as an emetic for vomiting. It does induce uncontrolled vomiting in people taking this medicine. However, the data in recent years show that it is ineffective or even harmful to the poisoning control situation, and reduces the effectiveness of antidote and other treatments.
  5. This product has been discontinued and is no longer recommended for use. It can also cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Read this: How to Reduce Fat on your Body
  6. If you have vomiting syrup, do not use it unless the poison control center instructs you to use it as a last resort. In addition, do not allow patients who are pregnant, have heart disease, or have digestive problems (such as ulcers, Crohn’s disease, or infection) to take syrup.

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