April 13, 2021
How to Lose a Pound in a Day

How to Lose a Pound in a Day : Max Weight Loss Per Week 2021

How to Lose a Pound in a Day: Although the goal of losing more weight faster may be tempting, losing one pound a week (about 0.9 pounds) is the long-term sustainable health goal. As long as the diet and exercise are properly combined, your stomach and muscles may not feel any difference, but the mirror can definitely detect changes in the body. Here will teach you how to start losing a pound a week.

How to Lose a Pound in a Day with in Weeks

01: Calculate Your Resting Metabolic Rate. 

The resting metabolic rate is usually used interchangeably with the basal metabolic rate (BMR). Although they are slightly different, calculating any metabolic rate is sufficient for weight loss. You can use the Mfflin-St Jeor equation to calculate the resting metabolic rate (this method is more reliable than the Harris-Benedict equation). You can also find an online computer to help you calculate the resting metabolic rate.(How to Lose a Pound in a Day)

  • RMR = (9.99 x weight) + (6.25 x height)-(4.92 x age) + (166 x gender) -161
  • Weight = in kilograms, if you know the weight in pounds, you can divide the number by 2.2 to know the weight in kilograms.
  • Height = in centimetres, if you know the weight in inches, just multiply that number by 2.54
  • Age = in years
  • Gender = 1 for men and 0 for women
  • Knowing your resting metabolic rate will help you calculate how much calories you can burn when you do nothing. Although the website or treadmill can calculate these numbers, it is not completely accurate.

How to Lose a Pound in a Day

02: Count math problems. 

It is perfectly reasonable and feasible to lose one pound a week. In fact, if you subtract more, you will lose muscle and water. To lose one pound in 7 days, you need to lose 500 calories per day.This is because one pound equals 3500 calories. 500 x 7 days is exactly 3500. How to Lose a Pound in a Day You can reduce excess calories by dieting, exercising, or both. However, the easiest way may be to adjust the diet a little and make yourself more active instead of starving yourself or spending hours on fitness.

03: Solve the Hidden Culprit. 

If you want to maintain your ideal weight, it takes time, effort and permanent lifestyle changes. Is there anything in your life that prevents you from achieving your goals? Be sure that you can successfully make these changes, and that you are doing it for yourself, not someone else. Also Read: How to Reduce Belly Fat on your Body

The most important thing to stay focused and succeed is to stay focused. Changing habits requires you to work hard all the time. Because these changes will affect your entire lifestyle, it is important that you also have to solve all the problems in life. If you are worried about money or emotional relationships, How to Lose a Pound in a Day you may have to take a step back. Solve other obstacles first, otherwise these obstacles will reduce your chances of success. How to Lose a Pound in a Day Then when you are ready to focus on weight loss, you can build the right track.

Max Weight Loss Per Week

04: Find Motivation. 

The motivation to lose weight should come from yourself, and it can only be you. After all, you are the one who has to work hard. How to Lose a Pound in a Day What will keep you going? Keeping yourself in mind may help you stay motivated. Are you worried about your health? Do you want to play by the sea but worry about your bad shape? Or do you want to become more active?

When you feel that you are gradually slacking off, please immediately recall these weight loss motivations. Stick notes on refrigerators, bathroom mirrors or food cabinet doors. If you often travel far, you can post encouraging notes on your computer. You can take any steps that are best for encouraging yourself.(How to Lose a Pound in a Day)

05: How to Set a Goal to Lose a Pound in a Day

Well, you may have come here just for “How to Lose a Pound in a Day” We have decided on the goal of pounds a week. But what do you do? Trying to make things as specific as possible will help you know what to do (and what not to do).

When you determine what you want to achieve, think about process goals and result goals. The process goal is what you have to do, such as “five aerobic exercises five times a week.” The “loss of one pound a week” is the ultimate goal. You may not need an end point (resulting goal), but process goals are the key to changing habits. As long as your goals are clear, measurable, achievable, pertinent and time-bound, then you are ready.

6: Seek support. 

Of course, basically, losing weight is your personal responsibility, but someone supports you to stick to your plan and keep it in good shape. Getting along with people who can encourage you will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

If they can exercise with you or make a diet plan, that’s even better. They can also make you feel responsible and give you external incentives that you can’t get yourself.If you do not want to disclose that you are losing weight, you can weigh yourself regularly and record your diet and exercise progress to maintain your sense of responsibility.(How to Lose a Pound in a Day)

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