April 13, 2021
How to make weed killer

How to make weed killer : Best Remedies 2021

How to make weed killer: Vinegar contains acetic acid and is a natural and effective herbicide. Compared with chemical herbicides, vinegar has much less adverse effects, so it is favored by many gardening enthusiasts. You can use an air pressure sprayer to spray vinegar directly on any weeds that need to be removed, being careful not to spray other useful plants. You can also buy gardening vinegar that is more effective, or add some dish washing liquid or salt to the vinegar to deal with more stubborn weeds.

How to make weed killer : Best remedies 2021

Method One: Weeding with vinegar

how to make weed killer
how to make weed killer

01: Buy white vinegar.

Go to a local grocery store to buy a bottle of ordinary white vinegar with 5% acetic acid. The most cost-effective way is to buy the kind of packaging close to 4 liters. If the area to be weeded is relatively small, there is no need to buy so much. If you have a lot of weeds to deal with, 4 liters may not be enough, but in general, 4 liters of vinegar should be able to spray a large area.

  1. Vinegar can be used to remove weeds mainly because the vinegar contains acid.
  2. Weeding is usually done with white vinegar, because white vinegar is the most affordable, and of course you can choose apple vinegar.
How to make weed killer

02: Mix vinegar with 2 teaspoons of dish washing liquid.

A small amount of dishwashing liquid can help the sprayed vinegar adhere to the weeds. Add 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid to every 4 liters of white vinegar. Pour the mixture into a bowl or bucket and mix well.

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How to make weed killer

03: Pour the mixture into the sprayer for gardening.

Pneumatic sprayers with hoses and long nozzles can easily spray large areas of weeds. You can fill the sprayer with a mixture of white vinegar and dishwashing liquid, or pour as much as you need.

  1. Another method is to pour the mixture into an empty watering can. You can buy an empty watering can, or you can reuse a container of glass cleaner or other mild cleaner. If the watering can has been filled with other solutions before, wash the watering can with water before use.
  2. If you only need to deal with a few weeds, just poke 4 to 5 holes in the white vinegar bottle cap, and then pour white vinegar on the weeds. Must Read : Home remedy for clogged drain with hair : Best Remedies 2021
  3. If you use garden vinegar with an acidity of 30%, you need to dilute it with water first. If you use ordinary white vinegar, there is no need to dilute it.
How to make weed killer

04: Choose to spray white vinegar on sunny days.

The acid in the vinegar dehydrates the weeds, so the day we choose to spray white vinegar, weeds need at least a few hours of direct light so that the white vinegar can better exert its power. In order to allow the weeds to be exposed to the sun more often, spraying in the morning is ideal.

  1. If you just spray white vinegar and there is no warning that there will be a rain, you will probably need to spray another round of white vinegar. Must Read : Home remedy for clogged drain with hair : Best Remedies 2021
  2. In this case, bright sunshine means that the weather is relatively hot. Usually the weather above 21 degrees Celsius is best for spraying white vinegar.
How to make weed killer

05: Spray weeds directly.

Use a garden sprayer, watering can, or a vinegar bottle with a hole in the lid to thoroughly spray the weeds to be removed. In addition to the leaves being sprayed with white vinegar, the roots of the plant and its surroundings should not be overlooked.

  1. Do not overdose when spraying, do not let the white vinegar solution drip too much. The correct approach is to spray a layer of white vinegar solution evenly on the plant surface. Must Read : How to induce labor at home : Best Remedies 2021
  2. Check the status of the weeds after waiting 24 hours. If you are not satisfied, you can spray it again.
How to make weed killer

06: Avoid spraying vinegar on your favorite plants.

In addition to weeds, flowers or crops can also be dehydrated to death after they are stained with vinegar, so when you spray weeds with vinegar, be careful of other useful plants around you. When you need to remove weeds from gardens, flower stands or backyards, vinegar is not necessarily the ideal choice.

  1. Unless directly in contact with plants, if vinegar only penetrates into the soil, it should not cause damage to other plants.
How to make weed killer

07: Clean the sprayer or watering can after spraying.

Long term storage of vinegar will corrode the container. Always wash the container after spraying vinegar. First discard the excess vinegar in the container, then fill it with water. The squeeze pressure pump sprays out water to clean the hose and spray head.

Method Two : Kill stubborn weeds

How to make weed killer

01: Buy garden vinegar with a concentration of 20%.

Invert the garden supplies store or home improvement store to ask the staff to see if there are garden vinegar concentrates for sale. When exposed to high concentrations of vinegar, it is recommended to wear gloves or goggles to take protective measures.

  1. Most weeds can be handled with ordinary vinegar, so ordinary vinegar is the first choice to eliminate weeds, and horticultural vinegar should be chosen no matter when it is used. Must read : Home remedies to find out if your pregnant : Best Remedies 2021
  2. Acetic acid concentration is very high, be careful not to splash on the skin.
How to make weed killer

02: Add dishwashing liquid.

Add some dishwashing liquid to the sprayer or watering can. It is recommended to add 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid per liter of vinegar. After adding the dishwashing liquid and spraying, the vinegar will adhere well to the weeds and will not drip easily.

  1. Stir gently after adding vinegar, but do not shake the bottle vigorously because the dishwashing liquid will not mix well with the vinegar once it foams. Must Read : How to Prevent Scarring : Best Remedies 2021
  2. The amount of dishwashing liquid is not so precise. The squeezed dishwashing liquid should be close to a teaspoon.
How to make weed killer

03: Add 2 cups of refined salt to about 4 liters of vinegar.

Salt may not affect all weeds, but compared to regular vinegar, salted vinegar can make weeds dry out faster. If dishwashing liquid is already mixed in the vinegar, salt can still be added. There is no need to use high-grade salt such as rock salt, Epsom salt or sea salt, ordinary edible salt will do.

  1. Salt is easy to remain in the soil for a long time, causing long-term adverse effects on plant health. If after removing weeds, you plan to plant other plants in place, it is best not to add salt.
  2. In other words, if you don’t want any plants to grow in the areas where weeds are removed, then it’s true to add salt to the vinegar. Must read : How to Prevent Burn Scars : Best Remedies 2021
  3. Salt sprayers or watering cans must be cleaned well because salt can easily clog the container or even corrode the container.

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