April 13, 2021
How to prevent scarring

How to Prevent Scarring : Best Remedies 2021

How to prevent scarring : Once traumatized, scars may remain regardless of the size of the wound. Scarring is the body’s natural response to wounds. The collagen contained in the deep layer of the skin is exposed due to the wound, which coagulates to seal the wound. This process will heal the scab. There is no panacea that can hinder the formation of scars, but some methods can be used to affect scar formation and scabs during wound healing.

How to Prevent Scarring : Best Remedies 2021

Method One : Treat the wound

How to prevent scarring

01: Clean up the wound.

In order for the wound to heal naturally, the wound must first be cleaned. Remove impurities and dirt mixed in the wound to avoid infection.

  1. Wash the wound with soap and water. Use a mild formula of soap and warm water to gently wipe the injured area, and then press the clean and dry object against the wound to prevent bleeding.
  2. Do not wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide. The injured area will quickly generate new skin cells, and hydrogen peroxide will destroy the newly generated cells, which may cause scars to form in the early stages of wound healing.
How to prevent scarring

02: Consider whether you need medical attention.

Conditions requiring medical attention include severe stab wounds by foreign bodies, deep wounds and blood flow, damaged bones, tendons, ligaments and even bones at the wounds, facial injuries, bites by animals, torn skin, or old wounds Wait. Must read : How to Prevent Burn Scars : Best Remedies 2021

  1. Depending on the severity of the injury, the wound may need to be sutured. Suture the wound can reduce the possibility of scarring.
  2. If the wound is not deep and you don’t need a stitch, you can treat it at home.
  3. If you hurt your face, it is best to get a plastic surgeon to help close the wound.
  4. Plastic surgeons can use some techniques to minimize scars.
How to prevent scarring

03: Apply petroleum jelly to the wound.

Vaseline can help moisturize wounds, promote healing, and prevent scabs. Vaseline will not only hinder the natural healing of wounds, but also promote this process.

  1. If the formation of scars is inevitable, applying Vaseline can also reduce the scars as much as possible.
  2. Scabs are the natural response of the body to protect wounds, while the skin under the scabs is a hotbed for scar formation. Must read : How to Prevent Burn Scars : Best Remedies 2021
  3. As the wound heals naturally, collagen will be transferred to the vicinity of the wound, connecting the skin to the damaged and damaged tissue.
  4. There will be blood scab formation on collagen protein. Blood scab can repair damaged tissues, but it can also cause scar formation.
How to prevent scarring

04: Use a hydro gel film or silicone gel band aid to treat the wound.

Studies have shown that silicone gel or hydro gel can reduce scars and moisturize them during wound healing, thereby preventing scarring.

  1. Hydro gels and silicone gels can promote the exchange of fluid between damaged and healthy tissues, and at the same time ensure tissue moisturization and prevent scar formation.
  2. Please follow the instructions when using such products. These two types of products are non-prescription drugs, as long as they follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  3. The price of similar products is not expensive. You can ask your doctor to recommend scar removal cosmetic products available at the counter.
  4. Continue to use gel products for a few weeks or longer to reduce scars.
  5. If you use hydro gel, silicone gel or other cheaper products, you don’t need to use petroleum jelly. The working principles of several drugs are similar, all are moist wounds.
  6. Check the wound daily to determine whether the medicine used is effective. If the wound is crusted or the wound cannot be moisturized, other products can be used. Must read : How to lose fat on your Stomach : Best Remedies 2021
How to prevent scarring

05: Cover the wound.

According to the size of the wound, choose a suitable band-aid to cover the wound. Doing so can seal the injured area, completely cover and protect the wound. Although exposing the wound to the air will not affect its healing, it will not prevent the formation of scars. If the wound is not protected and left exposed, the wound will most likely be scarred.

  1. Exposing the wound to the air can cause the wound to dry out, making it more likely to scab. The scab is like a protective barrier, which can promote the formation of pregnancy scars.
  2. If your skin is allergic to gums, you can use a pad to cover the wound, and then fix the pad with medical tape or paper towels.
  3. If necessary, use a butterfly-shaped band-aid to treat the wound. This type of band-aid can bring together cracked skin. The butterfly-shaped band-aid should be long enough to allow Vaseline to be applied around the wound. Must read : How to Meditate : Best Meditation tips 2021
  4. Even if you use a butterfly-shaped band-aid, you must cover the wound with a pad or gauze to reduce the possibility of wound infection or further deterioration.
How to prevent scarring

06: Change the pad every day.

Clean the wound daily to see if it is infected, and apply petroleum jelly to keep the wound moist. After treatment, replace the wound with a new pad.

  1. If the butterfly shaped band aid has no signs of loosening and the wound is not infected, you can continue to use it without removing it.
  2. Check wound healing and infections daily. Change the pad after cleaning the wound and apply petroleum jelly.
  3. Once new skin is healthy (it usually takes about 10 days), the pad can be changed every few days, but care should be taken to ensure that the wound is moist. This step can be stopped after the wound is fully healed. Must read : How to Fall Asleep Fast : Best Remedies 2021
How to prevent scarring

07: Check the wound for infection.

Change the pad every day, use mild soap, water and other washing products to clean the wound to see if it is infected. Even with careful care of the wound, the wound may still be infected.

  1. Seek medical attention as soon as an infection is found. The doctor may ask you to use topical antibiotic products or you may take oral antibiotics for a while to deal with the infection.
  2. Symptoms of wound infection include redness and fever of the affected area, spread of blood on the wound, fluid such as pus in the skin, near or on the affected area, stinking of the wound, twitching or extreme sensitivity of the affected area, body heat or cold war, etc.

Method Two : Prevent scar formation

How to prevent scarring

01: Massage the injured area.

After the wound starts to heal, massage the injured area to destroy the collagen coagulation and prevent scarring. Be careful not to tear old injuries. Please read : How to Grow Fast : Best Remedies 2021

  1. Massaging the affected area can destroy the connection between collagen and prevent collagen from scab during the formation of new skin. Massage can reduce or even completely organize scar formation.
  2. Make a circular massage of the affected area every day for 15 to 30 seconds.
  3. You can use ointment or liquid to prevent scars to assist in massage. Many of these products can be bought at pharmacies without medical advice.
  4. Some medicines use only a few raw materials, but they have multiple therapeutic effects. For example, onion skin extract has been proven to be extremely effective. Some medicines add a variety of moisturizing substances to avoid scarring of wounds.
How to prevent scarring

02: Press the wound.

Continuous and gentle pressure on the wound can eliminate or reduce scars, and more pressure on the place where the wound may occur. Must read : Home remedies to find out if your pregnant : Best Remedies 2021

  1. Some band aids also have the effect of pressing wounds. In addition to the hydro gel silicone gel mentioned above, there are many products that can not only continuously press the wound, but also protect the wound for a long time.
  2. Ask your doctor how to make a simple push-on band-aid. You can use an ordinary pad to make a thickened version of the band-aid and press it directly on the affected area that may cause a wound.
  3. For larger wounds, some pads can be used during the day, the duration of use can be as long as four to six months. This type of pad is expensive and requires the approval of a doctor before it can be used.
  4. Animal experiments show that pressing the wound with a pad can effectively relieve scars, reduce the thickness of the dermis (the dermis can produce scars), and promote blood flow in the affected area.
How to prevent scarring

03: Attach elastic tape to the injured area.

When the wound is healed and there is no possibility of tearing, use elastic tape to slightly lift the skin to promote blood circulation at the wound and prevent the wound from crusting.

  1. The most famous of these elastic tapes is the intramuscular tape. As the name suggests, the intramuscular tape can prevent scabs by stretching the muscles. Must read : How to Remove Tonsil Stones : Best Remedies 2021
  2. Allow the wound to heal for two weeks to prevent the recurrence of the old injury.
  3. Depending on the location, depth and length of the wound, the method of applying adhesive tape is different. You can consult a doctor, coach, etc. to find out how to dress up the wound is most beneficial to its recovery.
  4. One of the most common methods of dressing is to stick one end of the tape along the wound, then stretch it by 25% to 50% according to the elasticity of the tape, and then gently press the tape against the wound.
  5. Over time, slowly stretch the tape to prevent the wound from being torn.
  6. The intramuscular adhesive tape prevents scars by stretching the skin, and at the same time promotes blood circulation in the affected area and destroys the coagulation of collagen. Consult a professional to learn how to use such products.
How to prevent scarring

04: Try to avoid touching the injured area.

Stretching and exercise can cause scars to grow, so try not to pull the skin near the wound.

  1. If the wound is on joints, such as knees and elbows, move gently during exercise. Exercise is important, but do not risk tearing the wound. Must read : How to Identify Breast Lumps : Best Remedies 2021
  2. As long as daily activities and exercise do not affect the wound, there is no need to stop. Exercise can promote blood circulation and also benefit wound healing.

Method Three : Accelerate wound healing

How to prevent scarring

01: Do not expose the wound to sunlight.

When the wound starts to heal and you no longer need to cover the wound, you can apply sunscreen to prevent the newly grown skin from being exposed to the sun.

  1. The ultraviolet rays in the sun will slow down the process of skin recovery, first determine whether the wound healing is optimistic, and then remove the pad, because the pad can prevent ultraviolet radiation from irradiating the wound.
  2. Sunlight can also increase the pigment content in the skin, causing the newly grown skin to appear red or brown, and it will be very conspicuous once the scar appears.
  3. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a degree of at least 30. Must read: Exercises to Reduce Breast Size : Best Remedies 2021
How to prevent scarring

02: Tonic to promote wound healing.

Eat a healthy diet and eat more nutrients that promote healing of injured tissues, including vitamin C, protein and zinc.

  1. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C. Studies have shown that consuming vitamin C after injury can prevent scar formation. Although vitamin C can also be taken by taking supplements, sufficient vitamins can be obtained by taking food supplements.
  2. Consult a physician for vitamin C intake. Most people can promote wound healing by eating more vitamin C-rich foods, but sometimes the amount of vitamin C that needs to be taken may be more than usual, and you must consult a doctor for specifics.
  3. The body consumes vitamin C very quickly, so it is best to take vitamin C with every meal, and ordinary snacks should also contain more vitamin C.
  4. Vegetables rich in vitamin C include bell peppers, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes and cabbage. Fruits rich in vitamin C include oranges, strawberries, grapefruit, cantaloupe and oranges.
  5. The latest research shows that eating more foods rich in vitamin C, or ingesting vitamin C through supplements, and applying topical ointments containing vitamin C to the injured area may prevent scar formation.
  6. Vitamin C plasters for external use are easy to buy. Vitamin C content is generally 5% to 10%.
  7. Eat plenty of zinc by eating beef, liver, crab and other seafood. Zinc is also higher in dairy products such as sunflower seeds, almonds, peanut butter and milk, and eggs.
  8. Protein is an important nutrient for skin recovery. Egg milk, cheese, fish, shellfish, tuna, chicken, turkey and red meat are all high in protein. Must Read : How to Remove Moles Apple Cider Vinegar : Best Remedies 2021
How to prevent scarring

03: Increase curcumin intake.

Curcumin is a seasoning extracted from ginger. It is the main constituent of turmeric powder and is commonly used to make Indian food.

  1. An animal experiment showed that curcumin may control the inflammatory response, thereby promoting wound healing. Scholars doing experiments believe that there may be a positive correlation between promoting healing of injured tissue and preventing scar formation.
  2. Apart from this animal experiment, there is little scientific evidence that curcumin can promote wound healing. Must Read : How to Remove Moles Apple Cider Vinegar : Best Remedies 2021
How to prevent scarring

04: Apply honey to the wound.

Whether honey can promote wound healing is still inconclusive in academic circles, but for some trauma, medicinal honey can indeed promote its healing. The faster the wound heals, the less likely it will be to leave scars. Must read : Home remedies to find out if your pregnant : Best Remedies 2021

  1. The most famous medicinal honey for healing wounds is Manuka honey. This honey was recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as a cure for wounds in 2007.
  2. This honey is difficult to buy because it is only sold where there is a manuka tree.
  3. Due to the good sales of Manuka honey, there are many copies of such honey. Need to pay attention when buying. How to prevent scarring. How to prevent scarring.
  4. Use a small amount of Manuka honey and a pad to make a medical pad, press it on the wound, and then stick the pad to prevent the honey from spilling.
  5. Change the pad several times a day and watch for infection. How to prevent scarring.
How to prevent scarring

05: Apply aloe vera on the wound.

Although there is not enough information in the academic world to show that aloe has a medicinal effect, manufacturers have always believed that aloe can promote wound healing. Traditional Chinese medicine and traditional medicine in other countries recommend oral or topical aloe to deal with wounds. How to prevent scarring.

  1. The latest research has no sufficient evidence that aloe can promote wound healing, but scholars believe that more experiments should be done to verify the medical effects of aloe.
  2. Topical aloe vera products usually contain vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as enzymes, amino acids, sugar and minerals. How to prevent scarring.
  3. Do not take aloe vera, because the efficacy and absorption of aloe vera have not been scientifically verified. How to prevent scarring. Must read : Home remedies to find out if your pregnant : Best Remedies 2021
How to prevent scarring

06: Do not use vitamin E.

Spreading vitamin E on wounds can promote healing and prevent scabs have been rumored for a long time, but the latest research shows that vitamin E can not inhibit the formation of scars.

  1. Some studies have shown that topical application of vitamin E on wounds is likely to disrupt the natural healing of wounds. How to prevent scarring.
  2. Other studies have shown that vitamin E, 30% of people who apply vitamin E externally, may develop allergies and inflammation. How to prevent scarring. Must Read : How to Remove Moles Apple Cider Vinegar : Best Remedies 2021
How to prevent scarring

07: Do not apply antibiotic ointment ointment to the wound.

Unless the wound is infected and the doctor requires you to apply ointment, there is no need to use non-prescription antibiotic ointment to treat the wound.

  1. Many people have developed resistance due to the abuse of antibiotics.
  2. Buying antibiotics for external use in pharmacies can also cause the body to become resistant to antibiotics. How to prevent scarring. Read this: How to Reduce Fat on your Body

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