April 13, 2021
How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies

How to Seduce a Mature Woman : Best Remedies 2021

How to Seduce a Mature Woman : Older mature women know what they want and are not afraid to tell their true thoughts. They are self-confident and self-sufficient, but when men of the same age have long lost their sexual desire, they are in great demand. In this case, how do you seduce such a woman who can’t help herself? You may know the answer by looking at the steps below.

How to Seduce a Mature Woman : Best Remedies 2021

Method 1: Let her have a desire for you

How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

01: Release self-confidence.

Mature women like confident people, they should feel your ability to solve complex problems in life, rather than let them teach you. Expressing a strong confidence can make you win on the starting line. Even if you feel not confident in front of a mature woman, you must pretend to be confident until your confidence really appears. Also read: How to Have Sex : Best Way to extend sex time 2021

  1. Talk to a mature woman for the first time, do n’t say her good things right away, or sound like a child asking for candy. Then she won’t take you seriously, you should calm her down by faith.
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

02: Attract her attention.

Remember, you are facing a mature woman, she will not endure your boring behaviors, such as showing off sports cars, staring at the passing children. You need to show a great interest in politics, global events, books, music, etc. In short, you can do something that shows you a wide range of interests.

  1. If you have no big achievements, talk about what you want to do. Don’t always say things that are not done well, people will be annoyed. Also read: How to Have Sex : Best Way to extend sex time 2021
  2. If you are much younger than others, don’t talk about your friends or peers, otherwise she will feel that she is really old. For example, if you are in college, she is more than thirty, not to mention the drinking games you played the other night, but to talk about your study experience in Paris.
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

03: Pay attention to her strengths.

Although you can’t conquer her by complimenting her, you have something to like about her and you have to appreciate some of her own characteristics. Is she a funny person? If you do, you have to laugh with her and tell her this. Is she a passionate person? If so, you must also be passionate about her—if she likes to touch you when she talks, you must touch her. Is she sexy? Let her know that she looks very attractive to you.

  1. Don’t mention her age at the beginning. You don’t want her to think you like her just because she is older than you. Don’t say, You are pretty at your age, otherwise you are mentally disabled.
  2. If she does n’t mention her age, don’t say I can’t guess your true age.
  3. If she asks you to say how old she is, you have to guess forever a few years younger than the actual age. Don’t obviously guess too small. If she is around thirty-five, don’t say twenty-three; say twenty-nine.
  4. After you start talking about her age, you can ask her why she is single so far, or why she rejected so many men. Just don’t sound too vulgar or hypocritical.
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

04: Make her feel that you are independent.

Mature women appreciate self-sufficient men. If you are a puppy, sticking people may work, but you obviously can’t. Talk to her about your hobbies, your favorite sports, your best hobbies, or what you are doing, or talk about your efforts to perfect your personality.

If you always talk to your friends and family, it will make her feel that you are not independent, and you are not interested in you. Also read: How to Tease your Boyfriend

  1. Is your career promising? You have to tell her to be humble. Tell her what you are doing, and if she wants to know more, let her continue to ask.
  2. Don’t worry, even if you are not so independent and your work is not so good, you must at least show your passion for life and optimism about the future.
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

05: Ask her out.

Don’t delay. Once your mature independence fascinates her, ask her to come out. You just have to say, I like to chat with you very much, I want to continue. Will you continue to chat with me when I have dinner? Then ask her for the phone number.

You have to be cool; don’t look too eager and eager to see her, and don’t see her the next night. Ask her to meet next week so she knows or can think of you are busy.

  1. Playing cool is different from mixing balls. You have to keep looking at her eyes with a smile, and even smile when she comes out.

Method 2: Take her out

(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

01: Bring her out to date.

It is not enough to do things with a girl or a woman of your age. It ’s okay for a girl of your age to eat out or watch a movie and bring some beer or a bottle of cheap wine to her house. To discover what she likes, the food is still classic red wine, or spend some time in her favorite place.

  1. Remember, mature women and young women are the same in their love of playing. They will not be more tasteful because they are older. Also read: How to Tease your Boyfriend
  2. If you eat at a restaurant or reach a drinking age, don’t order beer unless you want to look like a brotherhood member.
  3. You order a classic cocktail, such as gin, which can make her feel more masculine. Of course, drink as much as you can, don’t try it, especially when driving.
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

02: To be a gentleman.

To conquer a mature woman, you must tell her that she is beautiful. You have to open the door for her and hold the chair for her when she sits down. If she can’t carry heavy objects, you go. It is these little things that let her see if you are a man or please her little boy. You can’t be late and your face is dirty, don’t put it on your body one minute before wearing clothes for several days, otherwise she will have a bad impression of you.

(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

03: Use your age advantage.

There is no need to feel embarrassed or shy because she is younger than you-even if you are ten to fifteen years younger than her. (How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

You have to think about the qualities of men of your age with and without. Of course, you don’t have to be economically stable or very sophisticated, but you have to have something to do: you are young and attractive, you are full of enthusiasm, and there is no burden of pressure to crush you.

  1. Focus on your strengths instead of pointing out your weaknesses. Don’t say that you are inexperienced, let alone your career prospects. You have to say how anxious you are excited about the future, how happy and free you are now.
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

04: Tell her honestly that you want to sleep with her.

If you want to go to bed with older women, you must have an honest and open mind. Of course it cannot be rude, but if you are dating and making good progress, don’t be too shy to show your intentions. Tell her that you have found an incredible attraction from her. You are very willing to spend a good night with her, or wait for her to be dropped off. You go to bed.

  1. At the end of the appointment, you have to express your intentions. Before driving her home, or when she returns to her residence or your residence, she should know what you mean—and she will think so.
  2. Remember, be confident. Don’t make it sound like asking someone else Can I go to bed with you?Instead, you simply have to explain that you want to go to bed and make her want to be closer to you.

Method 3: Lead her to bed

(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

01: To control.

Although a woman older than you expects you to do exactly what she said, but you can lead the situation, and let her obey your lead will make her admire you. Starting from entering her house or yours, you must control the situation, you can kiss her, open a bottle of wine, and lead her into the bedroom. This way she will be happy, surprised, and admire you. Even if you should let her do what she wants, do n’t let her dominate everything so that you ca n’t make the most of your experience.

  1. If you plan to go to her house, please learn in advance how to open the wine. Instead of opening red wine, this is the most childish thing. (How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

02: Don’t stop complimenting.

Okay, you are excited to be alone with a woman—you are very excited, but don’t forget about it. You can tell her that she looks beautiful and her body is unbeatable, but that’s it.

Don’t say that she is the most beautiful person you have ever seen, or that you are lucky with her, and don’t say that she is the most kissing woman you have ever seen. This will make you feel inferior and inexperienced.

  1. She wants you to treat her as an ordinary person, not a goddess or a statue. Always saying good things will make her more concerned about your age gap.
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

03: Use experience to stabilize her.

You can have very experience in attracting women. But this is more a matter of attitude. Don’t be nervous when you go to bed and kiss her, and don’t be shy when you grab her bra. If you can’t loosen her bra, you’ll pass by without a blush or embarrassment.

  1. Don’t say anything, “I haven’t done this kind of thing before …” Otherwise, people will surely have no interest at all.(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)
  2. If you have a good attitude and think that she is just an ordinary woman, you will have confidence and will behave as if you are very experienced.
  3. If you are really inexperienced and have to calm her down, you can first hook up with a woman of your age. Until you feel bored, both of you will take what you need, and your confidence will grow accordingly.
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

04: Let her still want.

After going to bed, it’s time to let go. Do n’t say it ’s the most memorable thing in your life, but say that you ’ll call her again if you want you can call her again in a few days. You have to calm down and forget that you are ten years younger than her. If she knows clearly that your life is busy and interesting, but you can spend a good night with her, she will be happy to wait for your call.

(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

05: Make your girlfriend feel comfortable.

When your girlfriend comes to your room, you should make her feel unrestrained and comfortable. To achieve this goal, you have to be a real gentleman:

  1. Actively hang her coat in the closet.
  2. Prepare her slippers. (How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)
  3. Ask her if she wants to drink some red wine. Don’t force her to drink. But if she wants, then pour her a cup.
  4. Tell her that you had a very pleasant evening with her. You can praise the dinner by the way. The starry sky when you walk is beautiful. (How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)
  5. Let her find a comfortable place to sit. You can sit down side by side on the sofa. If she has been standing, it means that she wants to keep a distance from you, or feel very restrained.
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

06: Before planning to have sex with her, communicate clearly.

Although you look at your girlfriend wearing only underwear, her lower body swells, and you want to press her down on the bed immediately, but you must exercise restraint! You want to make sure that she is indeed willing to have sex with you. (How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

You have to ask her clearly: Are you willing? Or Are you ready, baby? Ask her in a non-aggressive, soft, and expressive tone, looking at her eyes and waiting patiently Her reply.

(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

07: Take off some clothes.

Kiss to a certain extent, began to take off her clothes. How to take off her clothes:

  1. Should you take off your clothes first or her clothes? It depends on her. You can decide according to your situation.
  2. Take off her top. First touch her breasts through the clothes. If she does not resist, then take off her top.
  3. Take off your own coat. Don’t take it off, she will be scared. Also Read: How to Reduce Belly Fat on your Body
  4. Take off her pants or skirt. Be gentle, be sure to gently touch her panties.
  5. Once you take off her pants or skirt, let her help you take off your pants. If she wishes.
  6. Now that you two are in underwear, you can move on to the next step: making love! But make sure she is ready.(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

08: In the process of sex, make her want to stop.

Try to change positions, but not too often, make sure she feels comfortable.

  1. Male superiority, and then into female superiority, if she wishes.
  2. Find sexy frequencies. If her reaction is softer, then the speed slows down. If her performance is stronger, then the speed is accelerated. (How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)
  3. Kiss her neck and ears from time to time.
  4. Don’t forget to caress and kiss her breasts.
  5. Don’t focus too much on your orgasm. Let her climax first, or at least try to climax her. If you only care about yourself, she will lose interest in you.
(How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)

09: Good starts and ends.

When you have sex with your girlfriend, or after being intimate, you should end in a very passionate way, so that she can want more. After having sex or intimacy, spend some time holding her in your arms, lying on the bed, caressing her body. Let her feel your tenderness and love. Tell her that you enjoy your time with her.

  1. Stay sexy! There is always the possibility of intimacy and enthusiasm, so the next time you meet your girlfriend again, you have to show your best and gently touch her to let her know that she is very sexy. If you persevere, she will soon be teased again. (How to Seduce a Mature Woman, Remedies)


  1. Try to know what these women need and try to satisfy them. Don’t think of them as girls, thinking they will chat with you about their new relationship for hours.
  2. It ’s fun to learn to seduce mature women, and if you follow the instructions above, you ’ll see results. You have to be different from others. To complete the task, you need to be confident and mature.

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