April 13, 2021
How to Tease your Boyfriend

How to Tease your Boyfriend : Best teasing ways 2021

How to Tease your Boyfriend : Are you in a relationship, but your relationship is stagnating? Do you want to make your life more exciting? Or do you want to add a little fun to your boyfriend? Whatever the reason, let us help you. Check out some good ideas below!

How to Tease your Boyfriend : Best teasing ways 2021

First Way: Mental stimulation

How to Tease your Boyfriend
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

01: Spray perfume.

This is the basic way to tease men. You can choose the flavor that you know he will like, but it is better to lean towards musk, because this is the one that is most connected to sex. Also read: How to Have Sex : Best Way to extend sex time 2021

  1. Avoid strong fragrances and perfumes that have an old woman taste.
  2. Please make sure to use perfume correctly.
How to Tease your Boyfriend
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

02: Use body language.

Use body language to make him think. Licking ice cream when you go out on a date. While you are sitting on the sofa, put your hands on your thighs and rub it up and down. Speak close to him. Bent over to pick up things on the ground. There are many ways for him to start thinking about sex, take advantage of your existing advantages!

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

03: Whisper beside him.

To be a bit flirtatious and tempting. As you whisper slowly, seducing him with a hoarse voice and close lips, this feeling makes him want to go to bed with you.

  1. So what do you want to do now? You are so interesting. What do you want to do? Etc. If he says so, you get what you want.
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

04: Let him see a little bit of your underwear.

The first step is to wear brightly colored underwear instead of old ladies’ underwear. The second step is to let it just reveal your jeans when bending down. The third step is to harvest what you want, or what he wants. After all, this is the enjoyment of both parties.

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

05: Tell him you are teased.

If he knows you were teased, then he will feel it too. If he touches you in the right way, or says something that makes you fanatic, tell him. You can text him or tell him in other ways.

  1. It can be said, I want you now. Or I am full of things that I want you to do to me.
How to Tease your Boyfriend
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

06: Bit your lips when you speak.

Congratulations: Now he thinks of your lips. It’s that simple. Looking at him through the eyelashes, plus biting the lips, will tell him that you want him. You just expressed it very gently.

Second Way: Physical seduction

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

01: Touch him.

When you watch movies on the sofa together, whether you touch his arm lightly or flick up and down his thigh, you want him to want you to touch every part of his body. Remember to touch lightly, apply proper pressure, and pay attention to sensitive areas back of neck, chin, arms, chest, waist, etc…

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

02: Give him a massage.

Let him take off his shirt, apply oil and start rubbing. Wear as little clothes as possible when you massage. Massage will promote the blood flow of his skin between your hands, everything is so sexy … smooth … he will not control himself. Must Read: How to Get Rid of Fat on Back of Neck

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

03: Dance (this is not as difficult as it sounds).

When girls spontaneously and confidently do unexpected things, boys are teased. You don’t have to go out to dance, play a little music at home, grab him and let him dance with you. Then use basic methods to move your body. Move in a natural way, and then take the opportunity to rub him. Trust us, this is enough.

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

04: Put his hand where you want.

This will really tease him. Put his hand on your ass, then look at him seductively and whisper something in your ear. Putting his hand where you want it will tell him you are teasing him, you want him. He will feel very sexy.

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

05: Take a light bite.

Gently bite your ear and lick his neck: tell him that you want to eat him. This will tease him and make him hope you continue to lick other places.

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

06: Try temperature changes.

This is a big tease. Once you take off his shirt, kiss his chest, such as licking with your tongue and blowing. The hot air behind the cold air will bring great sensory stimulation to his body and let him burn.

  1. Don’t forget the small ice cubes that work well, although they are cliche.

Third way: Mix it up

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

01: Striptease.

You don’t need to have the same skills as those club girls. Just a little bit of sexy music try Cu’s Cangote, and then take off your clothes slowly while dancing, you can completely conquer him.

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

02: Try role-playing.

This is fun for everyone and can help you relax and temporarily break away from the physical relationship between you. You can give him the opportunity to choose a fantasy object, or prepare a complete set of costumes and scenes to surprise him. Also read: How to Have Sex : Best Way to extend sex time 2021

  1. Try to choose something that appeals to him. Comic books, movies, school-related fantasy, video games: the man you know best about you!
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

03: Consider bundling.

This will not hurt people: just pay attention to safety! Joke is a joke, bundling can really warm up your relationship, and you don’t need to mess with it. Do what makes you feel comfortable and make sure everyone feels like this. How about trying handcuffs?

  1. Let him choose a binding method, which can make him bloody. Do n’t be subjective, try to give him what you want: it means he does n’t need to be ashamed or uncomfortable, which will really tease him.
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

04: Try new poses.

If you always use traditional gestures, he may be a little bored. This is your responsibility! Try to develop some new postures on the bed to increase the relationship between you. When you are all tired of Type 69, try Type 77, boys all like girls on it. Also read: How to Have Sex : Best Way to extend sex time 2021

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

05: Take a bath together.

With warm water and soap, everything is so smooth … this is a good opportunity to tease him and try new things. Bathe him and let him bathe you to see what happens.

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

06: Try toys.

Massage sticks are not just for lonely women and lesbians: sex toys are also a good choice for couples. If you are using the toy for the first time, try a small wireless vibrator very basic, usually about the size of an egg. Moving around his testicles, he will explode.

Forth way: Start teasing

Every girl is different and will be aroused by different things, so you need to use different teasing languages ​​for different people. If you are in love, there are a few suggestions that apply to almost all girls. Make sure you have enough time to talk with your girlfriend, because a slow, sexy rhythm will achieve better results than a fast rhythm.

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

01: Teasing in person.

When teasing each other with words, it is important to let her hear your voice; do not try to tease girls through QQ, WeChat or text messages. Although this can also achieve the goal, but if the other party can hear your sexy voice, what you say will have a better effect.

  1. When talking to your girlfriend, try to use your lowest voice. Studies have shown that men with low voices have more sexual partners, and women are more attracted to men with low voices.
  2.  This does not mean that you should overpress your tone. If it sounds unnatural, you cannot touch the other party. But if your tone of speech is always high, then when you talk to her, try to keep your tone down.
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

02: Heighten the atmosphere.

When you start talking to her, say something like “I can’t stop thinking of you” or “I want to hear your voice all day long” to set off the atmosphere. This helps build intimacy and let her know that you also feel intimate. Make sure you are alone in a comfortable and sexy environment; you should not want to tease her in public.

  1. You can also say: “Today you are not by my side, I realized how much I miss you”, “You are as charming today as usual.” Try to praise her in short and sweet words; long-term praise may go wrong or Was misinterpreted.
  2. Don’t compare her with other women. Even if you are expressing that she is smarter, prettier or more interesting, you should avoid making comparisons. She doesn’t want you to compare her with other women at all, because she doesn’t want you to think of other women.
  3. She hopes you only think about her alone. If she thinks you may be thinking of other girls, she may no longer feel about you
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

03: Ask a good question.

Ask her some questions that need to be answered in detail, such as “Tell me what you did today”, or “Are you going to do something exciting on the weekend?”

  1. This will let her know that you are interested in what she said. The girl wants to be sexy and interesting; for her, a pleasant conversation can set the mood well.
  2. If her answer is short, you can ask more questions to let her know that you care about her and really want to know her. You want to make her happy, talk about things she is interested in, and listen carefully.
  3. Try to be humorous and interesting. Girls like boys who have a sense of humor and know how to have fun. If you can make her laugh and let her put all her attention and energy on you, you will be more likely to reach her. Also Read: How to Reduce Belly Fat on your Body
  4. Check and practice some jokes you think she might like, or develop jokes that only two people understand. When you need to make both parties laugh, you can tell these jokes.
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

04: Praise her at the right time.

If she asks you how you are today, tell her that you are thinking of her. Add a compliment to her appearance, but don’t make it too trivial.

  1. Ask questions about her and show interest in her answers, allowing the conversation to continue. The teasing way at the beginning was to praise her constantly. First think of some small things to praise her and make her feel special.
  2. When you notice what girls like, they will be happy. If you know she likes the color of her eyes, then praise the color of her eyes. Say: “I like the way your eyes blink when you smile.” If she likes her hair, you can say something like: “Your hair looks smooth and comfortable, do you know how beautiful it looks?”
  3. Start to make compliments a little more sultry. If she giggled and said something like “Don’t talk anymore!Your direction is absolutely correct.
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

05: Start describing some of the less trivial things you want to do to her.

Make sure what you say can touch her heart and is romantic, not dirty. When you talk about what you want to do, do n’t act too strongly; you need to let her look forward to it first.

  1. You need to make your own suggestions, for example: “If we are together, my fingers will slowly pass through your hair when kissing.
  2. When kissing your neck, I will massage your back. I will lie down Beside you, use your fingers to describe the beautiful and soft curves of your body. “Be creative. The use of a large number of visual descriptions and imaginative words will also help.
  3. You can also praise like the following: “I woke up thinking of you today, just as I thought of you when I was sleeping last night, do you know what I am thinking? I keep thinking of us hugging in bed, which makes me very happy.”
  4.  When you touch me, I will become full of blood. Only you can bring me this feeling, no one else can make me like this, even if it is just a smile. It gave me a blow to my chest, but it made me enjoy it.
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

06: Make her feel special.

Use your own way to make her feel like the sexiest woman in the world. Let her have sexual fantasies about you, and promise to miss you after the conversation. This is the most important thing when it comes to stimulating the sexual desire of a girlfriend; do n’t make her think that she is just a piece of meat in your eyes.

  1. When using language to stimulate the other person’s desire, you have to make her understand that you will not talk to every girl like this. Let her understand that you are fortunate to have her company.

Fifth Way: Increase offensive

(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

01: Tell her that you want her.

To increase the offensive, the most basic thing is to tell her “I want you”, or other words with similar meanings. Letting the girl know how much you want to be close to her may be enough to stimulate her sexual desire. Looking at her eyes, let her know that you are not shy because you want her. Here are other things you can say:

  1. I want you so much now.
  2. I want you all day long.
  3. I never wanted you as much as I do now.
  4. The skirt you wear makes me want you more than ever.
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

02: You can praise her body, but don’t sound too childish.

As long as you make sure she will agree with your praise, she will also praise her body. You can further praise her body parts that stimulate your sexual desire. Make sure you have n’t offended her, and your compliments are pleasant. Here are some things you can say:

  1. That skirt makes your breasts look beautiful.
  2. Your legs are really amazing.
  3. I like how your hips swing.
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

03: Tell her what you want to do to her.

Now that you have described what you want to do with her body, you can now go further and tell her directly what you want to do with her body. If you want, you can speak more vividly, but generally speaking something, let her imagine that you touch her body with both hands, it should be enough to arouse her sexual desire. Here are some things you can say:

  1. I want to touch your thigh by hand.
  2. I can’t wait to kiss your neck.
  3. I want to caress and kiss every inch of your skin.
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

04: Tell her what you want her to do to you.

Now that you have teased her with words, you can tell her what you want her to do to you. This will allow her to have sexual fantasies and immediately arouse her sexual desire. Of course, you need to make sure that she has done the things you said before to avoid scaring her. Don’t be overly graphic or explicit. Here are some things you can say to her:

  1. I want you to unbutton my shirt.
  2. I think you kiss my chest and shoulders.
  3. I want you to lie on top of me and kiss my neck.
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

05: Describe how she feels about your body.

If you want to tease her, you should tell the other party how generous you are when you see her. When she knows that you are so fascinated by her, she will naturally become enthusiastic. You can tell her how you feel in the following ways:

  1. As soon as you appear around you will arouse my passion.
  2. You excite me.
  3. As soon as I saw your whole body boiling, you couldn’t imagine how good you made me feel.
(How to Tease your Boyfriend)

06: Tell your fantasies.

Another way to stimulate her sexual desire is to tell her that you have some fantasies about her, which can be role-playing, can be specific things you want to do with her or you want her to do to you, or you always want to be Somewhere intimate. Don’t be afraid to tell her what you always wanted to do and see if she can do it with you.

  1. Let her also tell you her fantasy. This will make you both more excited.

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