April 13, 2021
Mens Yoga Pants

Mens Yoga Pants : Best Eye Yoga Training 2021

Mens Yoga Pants : Yoga has been around for centuries. Yoga not only relaxes the eyes, but also makes the eye muscles more sensitive. This set of eye yoga is designed for people who suffer from eye fatigue due to excessive use of computers, but the eyes are generally healthy. However, for people with glaucoma, macular degeneration and other eye diseases or eye infections, please consult a professional doctor before doing this set of eye yoga.

Mens Yoga Pants : Best Yoga Training 2021

Mens Yoga Pants

01: Eye Yoga.

1: Just like other parts of the body, the muscles of the eyes can be strengthened.

To strengthen the eye muscles, first of all, we should keep our eyes closed. Then you may feel the eyelids shaking, and concentrate on controlling the shaking eyelids.MUST read: Calories Bays English Muffin

  1. Tip: Staring at distant objects without motion can help you better suppress tremors.(Mens Yoga Pants)
  2. After holding for 10-15, slowly close your eyes. Take a deep breath and imagine that sufficient oxygen is flowing down your blood to your eyes and breathing. Repeat inhalation for one to two minutes.(Mens Yoga Pants)

2: Alternating far and near, staring at objects without moving, can also relax tired eyes.

Here we will introduce two practice methods:

  1. Hold a pen in your hand, straighten your arms, stare at the tip of the pen, and move the pen to the tip of your nose slowly and evenly. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times. MUST read: Calories Bays English Muffin
  2.  Keep your eyes on the tip of your nose, and then move your eyes to an object farther away, which can be a long arm or a distance of more than 6 meters, and finally move your eyes back to the tip of your nose. Repeat ten times.(Mens Yoga Pants)
  3. Choose your own suitable target, shift your eyes to objects in different positions, and practice constantly.

3: Looking to the left and right can stretch to the specific muscles that control the eyes to turn left to right.

For example, when you look to the left, you use the lateral rectus muscle of the right eye and the medial rectus muscle of the left eye. When you look to the right, the left rectus muscle and the right rectus muscle are used.

  1. Sit up and relax. Turn your eyes to the far left, keep your head still, and stretch your eye muscles. Silently counted five times, blinked and then turned back to the center. Then look to the far right and count five times silently. The whole process is repeated 3 times, remember to blink every time.(Mens Yoga Pants)
  2. In the same way, practice looking up and down, don’t forget to blink. Also Read : Lifestyle Health Plans : Best Health Plans 2021

4: As before, look diagonally up or down, and hold for a few seconds to stretch specific eye muscles.

When you look to the upper left, it will stretch to the upper oblique muscle of the left eye and the lower oblique muscle of the right eye.

  1. Sit up and relax. Look at the upper left, hold for 5 seconds, return to the center of the line of sight, and repeat in turn, like looking at the upper right, lower left, and lower right, hold for 5 seconds each time. The whole process is repeated 3 times. Also Read: How to Reduce Belly Fat on your Body

5: Use your eyes to draw an infinite symbol.

Imagine that there is an Arabic numeral 8 lying in front of your eyes. Like drawing, slowly move your line of sight. Imagine you copy this 8 with your eyes. Keep your head still, repeat the process 10 times, and remember to blink every time.(Mens Yoga Pants)

6: Use your eyes to draw a circle.

Imagine you have a huge clock in front of you. First see the position of the top 12 and slowly move your line of sight along the other numbers. Then the line of sight moves in the opposite direction.

7: Massage your eyes.

Massage can promote local blood circulation and is a good way to relieve tension and stress. First massage your upper eyelid for 10 seconds, then massage the lower eyelid.

  1. Massage with the first three fingers around the circle, applying a little pressure, but to control the intensity.(Mens Yoga Pants)
  2. The lacrimal gland provides most of the tears for the eyes. Massaging the lacrimal glands can stimulate it to produce more tears and increase the moisture of the eyes, thereby relaxing and moisturizing the eyes.
  3. When massaging the lower eyelid, be sure to massage the lacrimal bone, which is close to the inner corner of the eye.(Mens Yoga Pants)

8: Increase the number of blinks.

Blinking can provide the necessary relaxation and rest for the eyes. But blinking is an instinctive and inadvertent action, so most people ignore its role and importance. Consciously increasing the frequency of blinking can relieve eye fatigue.(Mens Yoga Pants)

  1. Blinking has the effect of lubricating the eyes. It not only helps to eliminate foreign bodies in the eyes, but also allows the liquid film to evenly cover the eyeballs, thereby alleviating dryness of the eyes.
  2. Try to blink every four seconds to prevent dry eyes.

9: Proper rest is very important.

After using the eyes, especially after using the computer, resting your eyes can help relieve eye fatigue.

  1. Try staring at an object 6 meters away every 20 seconds for 20 seconds.
  2. If you ca n’t remember taking a break, give yourself an alarm clock.
  3. You can also try your best to open your eyes and close them at intervals. Studies have shown that this action can relieve dryness and fatigue of the eyes.(Mens Yoga Pants)

Mens Yoga Pants

10: Applying eyes can relax your eyes. The method is also very simple. Cover your eyes with your palms and rest for a few minutes.

  1. Or sit back and relax, with your elbows on the table. If you feel uncomfortable, you can add a pillow or blanket under your elbows. Poke your hands with heat (the heat will make your eyes more relaxed), close your index fingers, and then put your palms on your eyes.
  2. Breathe normally and maintain this position for 5-10 minutes. If necessary, add an alarm clock.
  3. If the alarm sounds and you feel that your eyes are relaxed, then the duration of your eyes is more appropriate. But if you still do n’t feel relaxed, you can add another five minutes to see if it works.(Mens Yoga Pants)

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